Uni-Automation has state of the art testing facilities which are used for various products. The Company operations are ISO 9001-2015 and IATF 16949 certified. The company markets the products on its own as well as through worldwide distributors under their brands.

State-of-the-art Facility Class 10000 Cleanroom

Uni-Automation is one of the very few manufacturers in the world of conductive plastic thick film technology for resistor applications. Apart from many innovations in design and processes, the conductive plastic technology was developed in-house. We have a strong focus on the thick film pattern technology design and their special applications.

Life Test at room temperature

Automatic test rig for testing rotational life of the product for million cycles at room temperature with/without continuous monitoring, cycle count and facility for multiple parts testing at a time.

Thermal Shock Testing

-70°C to +200°C thermal shock with auto-transfer facility within 3 seconds and automatic cycle count setting as well as adjustable soaking time. Number of shocks can be pre-set as per requirement and does not require human intervention till end of the test.

Environment Chamber with or without lift testing

-40°C to +150°C temperature cycle setting with variable gradient and number of cycles. There is also a facility for rotating the parts to conduct a combined environment up to 100% humidity combined with temperature variation and life test. Advanced facility for capturing and recording noise up to desired lifecycles.

Dither Test

Dither ± 0.5 / ± 2.5°C to super impose engine vibrations. Typically conducted up to 100 million cycles.

High Voltage Test

Testing facility up to 1500V Dc.insulation test from 50V dc to 500V dc. test rigs for linear measurement with High resolution. High temperature storage test ovens up to 140°C .