our Services

As the first domestic company specializing in R & D and manufacturing of industrial handles, our company has a professional R & D team that can respond to market needs in a timely manner and meet customer customization requirements. At the same time, a group of experienced technicians is an important guarantee for the stability and consistency of our products. After 35 years of precipitation, the company has accumulated rich experience in R & D and manufacturing of high-quality sensors, potentiometers, joysticks, and LVDT (linear variable differential transformer) the ISO: 9001 Safety and reliability are the cornerstones of our brand promise. We put quality first, and use craftsmanship to create quality products and strive for excellence.  An excellent sales team provides customers with professional and fast service, customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.
Professional Service :

A team composed of R&D engineers, inspection engineers, first-line production technicians and professional sales personnel will provide you with comprehensive solutions.
Planned Service :

For the delivery date of the order, we implement planning and scheduling according to customer requirements to meet customer needs. Regularly return to use experience and whether you encounter problems.
Timely Service :

For the temporary service needs of users, the company will arrange professionals to understand the situation in the shortest time and solve the problem as quickly as possible.
Convenient Service :

Receiving user needs at any time, the user’s service needs are received by any CGEC person, and they will be transferred to the service department and processed in the first time.
Extensive Service :

Help each user to make a industrial joystick application plan, put forward suggestions for using the handle according to the user’s use scene, and help reduce costs in the user’s joystick application process.

We serve different construction equipment and provide you with comprehensive and systematic electronic control solutions.