Welcome to Uni-Automation (I) Pvt Ltd.

Uni-Automation (I) Pvt Ltd. is actively involved in manufacturing Rotary Potentiometers, Linear Potentiometers, Wirewound Potentiometer, Conductive Plastic Potentiometer, Cermet Potentiometer, Hybrid Potentiometer etc. since more than a decade. We provide a wide range of potentiometers like hollow shaft potentiometer, panel setting potentiometer, frequently set bushing mount potentiometer, multiturn potentiometer (10 turn, 5 turn or 3 turn) and servo potentiometers.

Our current portfolio also includes a position sensor, angle sensor, feedback sensor, level sensor, throttle sensor (throttle position sensor), EGR sensor and the displacement sensors for automotive applications. We are constantly developing new technologies and products like Joysticks (Joystick Controller), LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer), Foot-pedal, contactless sensors (non-contact sensor/Hall Sensor), flexible track sensors (Flexilin) and printed resistive tracks for accelerator pedals in automobiles.

We are in process of developing the temperature sensors & probes (RTD, NTC and Thermocouple), Pressure Sensors, Speed Sensors (Active and Passive (VR) type), Noncontact Level Sensors (Reed Switch Type, Mechanical Spiral Type, Induced Contact Type). Uni-Automation (I) Pvt Ltd. has established itself as a leader in Potentiometer & Sensor technology. Our core competency is the element printing technology. Based on this technical expertise and a constant effort to push our boundaries, we are actively introducing new products based on new technologies.

Our Joystick Controllers have already made their own mark in the industry. A range of products like LVDT, Contactless Sensors, Foot Pedals, Inclinometers and Temperature Probes are in various stages of development & testing. These products will be officially launched in the market in the year 2017.

We supply our products all over the Indian and International market. We have a robust and efficient dealer network. Whenever required, we are happy toarrange the product delivery to our customers directly from our manufacturing facility. Contact us to find out the fastest way to get the products delivered to you